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Sony Music Japan hacked through SQL injection flaw

Seriously Sony? I was almost about to switch on my PS3, thinking that Sony had all their bases covered, but it seems they are less than prepared to save themselves from simple SQL injection issues! There are a few techniques they could learn...I suppose their security companies failed to spot the missing hole - I don't blame them, since they were looking at PSN and not Sony Music, but it might be worth them looking into this too. I'll explain (summarily) some of the techniques to use to combat SQL injection (not going into detail at the moment - busy time at work at the moment!)

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AMD Radeon HD 6990 leaked specs (might be fake)

Leaked slides from an AMD product update presentation on their newest GPU have surfaced revealing the full specifications

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Qualcomm annouces next-gen Snapdragon family chipset

Just when I thought there was nothing really happening in world of Qualcomm, Qualcomm decides to unleash a new wave of single, dual and Quad core chipset...not only that but a faster version going up to 2.5Ghz. The name of these chips will come under "Krait". Long live Krait

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BT slows down and chokes the bandwitdth for "superfast" customers

Just when you thought that BT had turned the page with their customers and offered them a superfast high bandwidth solution, BT has accidently choked their infinity "superfast" customers bandwidth. BT do say they impose traffic restrictions to users when they exceed 300GB per month, however, many hundreds of people posting in their forum, are actually complaining that they have not even got close to reaching 10% of the cap.

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Motorola drags Microsoft to ITC, says Xbox infringes its patents

Motorola has complained to the ITC that Microsoft is importing kit, specifically the X-Box, which infringes Motorola's patents and should thus be banned from US shores. The infringements are already part of an ongoing legal action by Motorola, itself in response to Microsoft's actions. But bringing in the International Trade Commission brings the threat of an import ban to the table along with the hope (by Motorola) for a speedier decision.

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