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Omar has worked as a business Intelligence consultant for the past decade on major projects crossing various sectors of industry. Since the age of 15, Omar has a very keen interest in information systems and databases. He graduated with a degree and masters in Computer Science and continued further specialised training with SQL Server (mainly the business intelligence stack – SSAS/SSRS/SSIS).

Omar also specialises in SQL Server deployment and maintenance – however this is not his primary area of expertise. He has deployed reporting solutions across many organisations by playing a very “hands on” role within the full project life cycle.

Omar has experience of using many other business intelligence tools, such as MicroStrategy (at an administrative level), SAP BW (end user to developer for the transfer of data between systems) and Business Objects, which has given him a breadth of experience across many business intelligence tools.

As a information systems specialist, Omar directs and leads (within organisations) the strategic direction of business intelligence. He has implemented business intelligence solutions from the ground up and applied knowledge gained from previous work experiences, to help improve and innovate the business intelligence within organisations. He has helped many organisations like Minc Property, Danone Waters, Danone UK and Transport for London. Within his current role, he is managing a team of developers in developing the business intelligence solutions, to support and accommodate the requirements of around 40,000+ employee user base.

Omar is considered by his friends as a critical thinker (he enjoys thinking and playing through every scenario in his mind) and is said to be a very genuine and hard working person.

In his spare time, he works enjoys researching and exploring new information systems technologies and gadgets. Omar also enjoys playing video games, especially simulation games like Formula One, of which he is big fan. His current favourite formula one driver is Lewis Hamilton and his all time favourite is Michael Schumacher.

Omar has a dream of becoming a leading pioneer in information systems, he is full of innovative and great ideas and always contributes to the bigger picture. Omar always aims high and never misses a chance to take up every opportunity to gain more experience.


If you wish to contact Omar, feel free to email him at Omar[at] or through twitter @lovelyvomit or even better you can easily contact him through the easy web form in this very website -



(please note that Omar does not use either facebook or linkedin)